Katup kupu-kupu

Katup kupu-kupu

Katup kupu-kupu adalah katup yang mengisolasi atau mengatur aliran suatu fluida. Mekanisme penutupannya adalah piringan yang berputar. Katup kupu-kupu adalah keluarga katup gerak rotasi seperempat putaran yang digunakan dalam jaringan pipa untuk mematikan aliran. Sering dikatakan bahwa katup kupu-kupu dapat digunakan untuk mengatur aliran.

  • Butterfly valves are low-profile devices used in industrial processes. They are relatively thin, which means that they can occupy less space in pipelines than other types of valves. They also come in a variety of body styles, including wafer and lug. Wafer-type butterfly valves are made of iron, which makes them more elastic and flexible than cast iron. They also offer a high level of chemical resistance. They also feature a lever handle for manual flow control. In addition to their low-flow capacity, they also provide a tight seal against two-way pressure. This type of valve uses a tightly-fitted seal, i.e., an O-ring, to safeguard against bi-directional pressure. A wafer-type butterfly valve is easy to install but cannot be used as an isolation valve. If you need an isolation valve, you'll need to purchase a larger valve.

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